We’ve developed an entirely new App & web experience to make using Jawwy simpler, easier and more fun. This new experience has been designed using the latest digital technologies and with input from world-leading experts as well as from those that matter most, you – our customers.
Jawwy’s New Digital Experience!
Three Good Reasons
An entirely new App & web experience to make using Jawwy simpler, easier and more fun
  • Simplified user
  • Improved product
    discovery &
  • Enhanced features,
    such as sharing
    & gifting
Things to consider..
SIM Ordering
SIMs ordered as part of the Beta test are only available now for delivery in Riyadh.
App Download
The App will be available on TestFlight and the APK, App download Link will be shared once you place your SIM order.
  • For iOS, you’ll need to install TestFlight.
  • For Android, you will need to install Firebase
You can recharge your number through the recharge channels available inside the Beta App.


Beta testers can’t send gifts to non-Beta testers and vice versa.
Account Joining
Beta testers can’t join the SIMs they order as part of the Beta test to their non-Beta account.
Customer referral codes sent from non-Beta accounts cannot be used to order a SIM as part of the Beta test.
Since this is a Beta test, the features listed below are not currently not available. We will notify you when that changes
  • eSIM
  • DCB
  • Flexible plan
  • Cards & Codes
  • Hybrid SIMs
  • Joining beta with an existing number or stc number
Find answers to all your questions in our help center